And also…


Sometimes I am overcome by us
and the sudden awareness that
my hands want to move over
all the places of your body that I know.

It’s in your presence that I feel most
complete despite our incompleteness.
As if the warmth and beauty of the universe
have been given to me freely
to try to make myself whole.
And so I lean into you and I take it in.

If I said this wasn’t enough
it would be true.
But that doesn’t change me
or the universe or that I want you.
Not for a night
but for n i g h t s.

I stay because there are days I can’t
imagine a life without this kind of passion
even though it takes all I have.
It humbles me but makes me feel


like leaves that burn bright in the fall
but drift slowly to the ground
disconnected from that which sustained them.

I wonder if the leaves wish they could
go back to the tree. Much like me –
who wishes to be in your company
minutes after you are gone.