One of my favorite books is The Adventures of Wesley Jackson by William Saroyan.

Wesley’s friend remarks:

“Anybody ever tell you you’re a writer?” he said.

“The preacher at the church I used to go to in San Francisco told me.”

“I’m telling you too.”

“I can write letters all right.”

“Everything a man ever writes is a letter. Write a letter to everybody.”

Such a beautiful and simple way to describe the act of writing. We always write for someone, and we have to expose ourselves, make ourselves vulnerable, to whomever reads our “letter.” Even fiction holds some kernels of truth about the author: deep fears, deep desires, deep everything. Knowing this (and despite the anxiety that comes with knowing it), I’m sending my “letters” out into the world. Read, reflect, surmise, guess. Decide if the letter I’ve written is for you. If it is, I’m glad it found you. If it isn’t, that’s ok too.

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