News and Events

Wow! I was nominated by Midway Journal for the 2021 Best Small Fictions Anthology for my story “Knowing When to Give Up.” Such a great way to start the new year.

It’s been quiet in terms of publication since the pandemic began, but I’ve earned a few accolades including placing as a semi-finalist in the 2020 American Short(er) Fiction Contest. Hop over to the ‘Acknowledgments’ to see more. New stories and a new chapbook have been submitted to various publications, and I’m hoping they find homes soon. Feeling optimistic as we journey into 2021!

I’m happy to read my work at Antioch College’s Herndon Gallery for the Works Salon, an exhibition of the many talents of Antioch’s staff and faculty. January 29th and February 13th, 2020. More information here: Herndon Gallery

My new chapbook, Flight, is for sale! Buy it here!

Two more stories are forthcoming in Fiction Southeast this summer.

Two stories went live today (4.11.19) with Peatsmoke, a literary journal started by two former editors of the Sycamore Review. Check out the website here: Peatsmoke

Happy to announce I won the 2018 Vella Chapbook Contest at Paper Nautilus Press.  Soon I will have my very own little book for sale.

Join me and some other amazing women for a public reading of our work, recently published in the 8th issue of Adanna Literary Journal. It happens Saturday, January 12, 2019, 2 pm, at the Brielle Library in Brielle, New Jersey.

The editors of the Mud Season Review recently had this to say about one of my stories: “As an editor, you’re always looking for a narrative you’ve never seen before, and we’d certainly never seen a story quite like “The Man In The Tree” in our inbox before. The first word that comes to mind when you look at this piece is fresh. The idea of a “man-bird” in a tree is new and engaging; every sentence punches the readers’ senses; the repeated use of blue is never cliche; and the twist ending is so unexpected yet perfectly complex. This piece wakes the reader up with its originality. It certainly opened up our eyes.”  (Now go to my publications and read “The Man In The Tree.”)